Healthy Foods for Kids for Optimal Growth and Development

Healthy Foods for Kids
It cannot be denied that the genes passed down by parents contribute to a child's physical and brain growth. However, on the other hand, nutritional intake also needs to be considered for optimal growth and development. If you require healthy food ideas for your kids, check out the following review to get a list of recommended nutritious dishes for your kids!

Nutrients that are Important for Children's Growth

Before discussing healthy food choices for children, it is important to first understand the list of nutrients that are important for children's growth, namely:

1. Protein

Foods with high protein content are important for consumption at all ages due to the function of maintaining, forming, and replacing tissues in the body. For children, protein is beneficial in supporting growth and development every day. Moreover, (protein) can also increase insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) levels which can encourage normal growth of bones and body tissues. The types of protein that can be consumed include eggs, fish, and nuts.

2. Vitamin B12

Consumption of vitamin B12 brings various benefits to children, ranging from developing to maintaining the function of the nervous system, and metabolism, to producing energy so that they can move optimally. One of the B-complex vitamins can also encourage height growth in children. Children's vitamin B12 intake can be fulfilled by eating healthy foods and vitamin supplements. Healthy foods that contain vitamin B12 include salmon, tuna, yogurt, and shellfish.

3. Iron

Iron plays an important role in maintaining health and promoting children's growth and development. Examples of foods that contain iron are potatoes, corn, spinach, and kale, which can be an option as one of the intake to help children's growth and development.

If you don't get enough iron intake, the speed of your child's growth and development can be hampered. This is because this mineral helps blood production and muscle formation. Risks that can occur due to iron deficiency include sub-standard weight and height figures.

4. Vitamin D

As many people already know, vitamin D intake can support the formation process and maintain healthy teeth and bones in humans. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to various child growth problems, such as stunted teeth and height growth to difficulty controlling emotions. To avoid this, it is better to provide the best foods for children that contain vitamin D, such as mushrooms, egg yolks, cabbage, and beans.

5. Vitamin E

The benefits of vitamin E are more widely known for adult health, but it has several properties for children. Toddlers need about 6 milligrams of vitamin E every day.

Meanwhile, the 4-6 years age group should ideally receive 7 milligrams of vitamin E per day. One of the functions of vitamin E for children is as a protector for various cells and body tissues from exposure to free radicals from outside air, such as pollution.

Foods that contain vitamin E include broccoli vegetables, sea fish eggs, and peanuts. Increasing the intake of vitamin E foods can maintain children's immunity so that it is stronger in warding off infections. In addition, this vitamin is also able to maintain eye and skin health conditions. Therefore, vitamin E intake in children is worth noting.

6. Calcium

Not much different from vitamin D, calcium is also necessary for your child's teeth and bones to grow at a normal pace. Not only in the growth process, but calcium is also important so that the health conditions of teeth and bones are always strong, so that children avoid the risk of slow growth, cramps, and pain, in brittle bones. The types of food sources of calcium include cheese, yogurt, and milk which can help your child to grow healthier.

3 Types of Healthy Food for Kids

Now that you've learned about the essential nutrients for your child's growth and development, it's time to prepare healthy meals for your child according to the recommended nutritional intake.

1. Meats

Especially chicken and beef. For example, iron and vitamin B complex can encourage brain growth, so that the baby can develop as a smart successor to the nation. The presence of omega 3 also ensures that the body's organs function properly, such as the nervous system, liver, and heart.

2. Vegetable and fruit

Parents should get their children used to eating a variety of vegetables and fruits because of their important properties as sources, of antioxidants, and fiber. For example, spinach, broccoli, and kale vegetables contain vitamin C. In addition, bananas, mangoes, and apples contain B vitamins. By consuming them regularly, children's growth and development will be optimized.

3. Nuts

The next healthy food menu for children is. This type of food can provide energy for children to be able to move optimally, as well as support their growth and development. In addition, this healthy food is also known to be rich in good minerals and vitamins. The nuts that can help children's growth and development to be optimal include edamame, almonds, soya beans, and kidney beans. In addition, various types of these foods can also be a perfect complement to the child's intake menu.

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