Types of Food that Gain Weight Fast

Types of Food that Gain Weight Fast
Gaining weight quickly cannot be done by consuming food in excessive portions. You also have to pay attention to your intake of foods that quickly gain weight and contain nutrients in them.

Many people try to have an ideal body weight, but not a few also want to gain weight. Even though it sounds very easy, gaining weight can be difficult for some people who eat a lot but don't gain weight.

In general, to gain weight, you need to increase the number of calories with nutrition and you can get it from consuming the right foods such as natural sugars, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

You need to add these calories slowly, namely 300-500 calories per day. If you want to gain weight fast, you can add as many as 700-1,000 calories per day. Caloric intake for the sake of gaining weight, then you can consume several types of food as below.

Recommended Types of Food for Weight Gain

1. Rice

One source of carbohydrates that can help you gain weight is rice. Foods that are dense in carbohydrates and calories will help you gain weight.

Just 100 grams of rice contains 39.8 grams of carbohydrates and 180 calories. Rice also goes well with various vegetables and side dishes so it's easy for you to consume. If you want to gain weight, you can consume rice 3 times a day with high-protein foods to help achieve the desired weight.

2. Potatoes or sweet potatoes

Potatoes and various tubers such as sweet potatoes or cassava are sources of complex carbohydrates, also known as starch. This type of food is rich in calories. 100 grams of potatoes contains 13.5 grams of carbohydrates and 62 calories.

Not only can it increase the daily supply of calories, but starch also provides energy in the form of glucose and some of it will be stored in the body as glycogen. Based on the journal from Nutrition Reviews, glycogen in the body can be useful as additional fuel when someone is doing sports or activities.

3. Wholemeal bread

Another carbohydrate intake that is very easy for you to get is whole wheat bread. This type of food is very simple but can provide the calories the body needs.

A slice or two of whole wheat bread can contain as many as 138 calories, not to mention the other nutrients that can be added on top of whole wheat bread. To gain weight, you can make sandwiches with other protein additions such as cheese, meat, and eggs in it.

4. Pastes

If you are bored with carbohydrate intake in general, you can replace it with consuming pasta. These foods can give you a large supply of calories for the body.

A very popular type of pasta is spaghetti. For 100 grams of this pasta has 22.6 grams of carbohydrates and 139 calories. To increase the calories you need to gain weight, you can also make pasta with bolognese sauce and grated cheese.

5. Red meat

Red meat such as beef, buffalo, or goat is a food ingredient that is rich in protein and can help the muscles in your body. Protein intake and diligent exercise can help you increase muscle mass. This can indirectly make you gain weight.

As food for weight gain, you can consume fatty cuts of meat which have lots of calories. 100 grams of fatty beef contains 22 grams of fat, 17.5 grams of protein, and 273 calories.

Even so, you need to be careful because this high fat can pose various risks of disease. It's better to consult a nutritionist or doctor first before you increase your consumption of this type of food.

6. Salmon

Salmon and other types of oily fish are sources of protein and healthy fats, of course very good for your body's health. In addition to these two nutrients, salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the body, organ function, and psychological health.

At least, you can get 208 calories, 13.4 grams of fat, and 20.4 grams of protein for 100 grams of salmon. However, the nutritional content can certainly change depending on how you process salmon such as baking, sautéing, or steaming.

If you process it using butter or oil, you can get additional calories. However, make sure not to eat too many high-fat foods.

7. Eggs

One of the foods that can fatten the body and are very healthy is eggs. These food sources have nutrients such as healthy fats and protein. To get the full benefits, you must consume the whole egg.

Because almost all of the beneficial nutrients are in the egg yolk. 100 grams of eggs contain as many as 154 calories, 0.7 grams of carbohydrates, 10.8 grams of fat, and 12.4 grams of protein. Very much, right?

Those were some types of food that quickly gain weight. Hopefully, the food recommendations above can help you gain ideal weight. Don't forget to consume these foods excessively which can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Good luck!

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