Mantra For a Healthy Lifestyle

Mantra For a Healthy Lifestyle
Life is moving with its turbo speed, and time is the resource that has become scarce. In the race of becoming the best, we ignore the health of our body, mind, and soul. The cities never sleep, and neither do the people these days. Technology has become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. The morning starts with the cell phone in the hand, and the last thing we see before we sleep is our smartphone. After a tiring day, we often order food through apps. No doubt, technology has made our lives easy, but it has laid a negative impact on our health.

Various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol are common today. Due to the lifestyle changes, women experience hormonal imbalance leading to fertility issues and diseases such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. We are inclining more towards instant foods, not realizing their harmful effect on our body. The trans fats in fast foods increase the risk of heart-related issues. The vegetables and fruits these days are not chemical free and hence pose a great danger to our body. Due to the long working hours, we remain sleep deprived most of the time. 

The stress levels increase, thus making our body a soft target for various diseases to attack. The pollution levels in air and water are increasing at an alarming level thus, contaminating the drinking water as well as the air around us. The Air purifiers which are available, work only to certain proximity and are expensive. First, we create a monster and then find ways to fight it. Why create the monster in the first place?

The government is taking steps to mitigate the levels of pollution but the efforts are not enough. 11 out of the 12 most polluted cities in the list of World Health Organisation are located in India, out of which Kanpur tops the list. The country gasps for air and suffers due to lack of water, which makes it evident that the environment is not the priority of the government.

We cannot rely on the government for our well-being. Keeping ourselves healthy is only in our hands. There are some ways in which you can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself at bay from diseases.


The ancient saying: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise, is applicable in our modern lifestyles. To stay healthy, the body cycle should not be disturbed. Ancient people used to get up early without any alarm, then why do we need an Alarm to get up, now? Getting up due to the alarm may give a sudden shock to the body and elevate the heartbeat. It is harmful for the body as compared to getting up naturally. It may take a bit of an effort and time to get your body to adjust to the natural clock. It is better to something than nothing, so you should start getting up in the morning and after some time your body will wake you up naturally. Once you experience the morning bliss you will never want to snooze the alarm, again. Getting up in the morning makes you feel refreshed and energized the whole day. It calms and prepares your mind as well as the body, to face rest of the day. All the successful people owe a part of their success in getting up early in the morning. Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi's day starts at 4 O' clock in the morning and I don't need to remind how successful he is!


We waste a lot of time in scrolling up and down on social media all day. An average social media user spends 2 hours 22 minutes online every day, globally. Well, that is quite a lot of time, isn't it? Once you start getting up early you get a lot more productive time in a day. Starting the day with exercise or yoga followed by meditation may be a feast for your mind and soul. Spending a few minutes on exercise can ensure huge benefits for your body. You can go for a jogging session if you prefer to. Yoga is an age-old practice that is native to India and has a positive impact on the body as well as mind. Meditation helps you calm your mind and increase the concentration level. If you can spend more than 2 hours a day online, taking out some time for your body is not a big deal. Kick start your day with some exercise and you won't have to spend a fortune on doctors.


Eating foods rich in calories and trans-fat will nullify the effort you have put up, in getting up early and exercising. You need to have a balanced diet to have a balanced life. Balancing the diet does not mean to stop eating and survive on boiled food. It means to have nutritious and healthy food in a balanced quantity. Include leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet. Try to avoid packaged juices as they contain a large amount of sugar content. Instead, opt for fresh homemade juices. Cut off caffeine and sugar by reducing the consumption of tea and coffee. In place of tea and coffee, you can resort to healthier alternatives like green tea, lemon tea, and other variants of a tea rich in antioxidants. Always drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and to flush out the harmful contents from the body. Try to avoid carbonated drinks as they increase acidity in the body. The more acidic the body is, the more it is prone to diseases. Our body needs to be alkaline, to be healthy. Since vegetables and fruits are injected with chemicals these days, it is advised to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are reduced chances of them, being injected with chemicals. Include all types of pulses, meat, vegetables, and dairy products in your diet. Make a diet chart for a week to have an organized structure for buying your groceries.

Eating on time is one of the most important things for a healthy body. Don't eat too late at night as it will slow down the digestion. Do not eat a lot at once, instead eat small amounts of food throughout the day. Following these basic habits, you can ease your digestive system and feel a lot more active throughout the day.


Alcohol and tobacco are a major cause of diseases in our body. To tackle the stress people often take the assistance of alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol affects brain chemistry by altering the levels of the neurotransmitters the chemical messengers that transmit the signals throughout the body that control thought processes, behavior, and emotion. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to neurological impairment, cardiovascular diseases, and liver issues. Smoking is injurious as it directly affects the lungs leading to lung cancer, asthma attack, Chronic Bronchitis, and many more allied issues. To lead a healthy life quitting the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in any form is necessary. It not only affects you but also the loved ones around you.


We are so busy in our lives that we often forget to relax and have a pleasant day with our close ones. Spending some quality time with family is a stress buster. Stress is the reason for many disorders and diseases in the body. Our lifestyle has taken such a shape that it has become almost impossible to avoid stress. All we can do is make little changes in our lives and reduce the stress levels. Once a week try to spend time with the people close to you. It will not only strengthen your bond with them but also cheer you up and prepare to combat the upcoming challenges.

In the course of battling with life, we forget that it is limited and uncertain. It is important to lead a content life and be at the top, but it is equally important to keep your body, mind, and soul in good health. Without a healthy body, a sound mind, and peaceful soul life is worthless. By incorporating little changes in your lifestyle you can increase your longevity as well as health. You need to remember that your life is a source of life for the people around you. Just follow the mantras for a healthy body, mind, and soul and lead a peaceful and happy life.

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