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In 2018, CNN has compiled a list of World’s 50 Best Food. Thus, how does the top ten best food in the list look like? Number ten, start with Chicken muamba from Gabon, followed by ice cream, Tom Yam Goong from Thailand, Penang assam laksa, hamburger in Germany, Peking duck in China, sushi in Japan, chocolate in Mexico, Neapolitan pizza in Italy and the number one goes to Massaman curry in Thailand. Going through the list, are your mouths watering imagining the food in your mind? Meanwhile, can you recall how much healthy food from the top ten list? There are very little to mention, isn’t it?  Yet, these are the food that we love to eat! They are tasty, delicious, finger-licking good but they are all oily, high in sugar and cholesterol level. Hence, today I am going to talk about healthy food in which my discussion will consist of the components of healthy food, how to eat healthily and the healthy diet.

Talking about the components of healthy food, the first thing that comes to our mind is of course, food pyramid! Basically, there are five food groups which consist of grain products, fruits, vegetables, milk products and meat. These make up the components of healthy food if we consume them with suitable proportion. Since we are young, we are taught to eat according to food pyramid because it enables us to have a balanced diet, but honestly, do we practice in our daily lives? or more accurate, do we care about this little triangle thing in each of our meals? “Eat more fruits and vegetables!”, it is an undoubtable fact but only put into practice when we are sick, isn’t it? Some of my friends even choose to eat instant noodles just to save money for more travelling and entertainment. So, do we consume enough components of healthy food in our daily meals?

Talking about healthy food, the most important question is how to eat healthily? The 24-hour working Mac Donald restaurant nearby my house is always crowded with people and reaches its peak time during night time every single day. While the fastfood trend still lasts long in our daily lives, don’t forget about the new raising popular drink that the youngsters crazy for, yes, the bubble milk teas! Nowadays, the issue is not people don’t know how to eat healthily but they don’t want to do so! Fast food is not only delicious, it is easy to get, extremely suitable for us who are busy with work and lazy to cook. On top of that, bubble milk teas are cool, trendy and most important of all, instagrammable! 

To eat healthily is not difficult, everything starts with some small changes in our lives. When we go to the cafeteria, take steam chicken instead of fried chicken, more green vegetables instead of fried eggplants. Besides that, choosing fresh fruits rather that sweet snacks and plain water rather than soft drinks can help to reduce the consumption of sugar. It is no doubt that it is hard to have healthy food if we eat outside. Take a look into the restaurants in Queensbay mall, Nando’s, Morganfield’s, Seoul Garden, BBQ-Plaza, Flipped Burger. Healthy? Nah… If we can be more hardworking to do our own cooking, we can prepare a healthy meal which contains food like ABC soup, steamed fish, fresh fruits and so on that are definitely healthier to our body compared to outside food which are all high in fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar.

By the way, the United States has promoted a dietary pattern named “DASH diet” which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It has been ranked as the best and healthiest diet for diabetes for eight years in a row and proven to lower blood pressure as well as several types of cancer and heart disease. The DASH diets are plant-focused, rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts, with low-fat and non-fat dairy, lean meats, fish, whole grains, and heart healthy fats. Perfect together. For example, it encourages the consumers to choose steamed brown rice instead of white rice, limit fried items as well as sweet and sour dishes, choose dishes that are simmered, steamed or stir-fried and so on.

In conclusion, technology is becoming more advance today but people are less likely to have healthy food. Food is our life so as our health, please don’t take it for granted. Small changes start with you that lead you to succeed on the road to become healthier. Don’t forget, eat tasty yet healthily.

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