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Lapsang Souchong Chicken

Lapsang Souchong Chicken

What you’d love the most about this chicken dish is the rich smoky flavor, which comes from dried Lapsang Souchong tea. Drizzle the chicken with sesame oil and garnish with chopped scallions before serving.

Serving Size: 4

Preparation Cooking Time: 45 minutes


• Cooking spray

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 1 ½ teaspoons Lapsang Souchong tea powder

• 4 chicken legs

• 1 tablespoon sesame oil

• 1 scallion, chopped

• 2 lb. bok choy, trimmed and sliced


1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F.

2. Spray your baking pan with oil.

3. Next, in a bowl, mix the salt, pepper, and tea powder.

4. Rub the mixture on both sides of the chicken, including the parts under the skin.

5. Add the chicken to the baking pan.

6. Roast in the oven for 30 to 35 minutes.

7. Next, pour the oil into a pan over medium-high heat.

8. Cook the scallions and bok choy, stirring frequently.

9. Season with salt and pepper.

10. Transfer the bok choy mixture to a serving plate.

11. Put the chicken on top.

Nutrients per Serving:

• Calories 325

• Fat 16.8 g

• Saturated fat 4.1 g

• Carbohydrates 4.3 g

• Fiber 2.3 g

• Protein 38.4 g

• Cholesterol 184 mg

• Sugars 2 g

• Sodium 509 mg

• Potassium 1220 mg

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